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Multiple DUI Offenses Attorney in Merrillville, Indiana

Were You Arrested Once Again for An OWI?

Hire a Northwest Indiana DUI Lawyer

Were you arrested for operating a vehicle while intoxicated? Is it your second, third, or fourth criminal offense?

Contact the Law Office of Alex Dominguez immediately. The penalties for repeat OWI convictions are far more severe than those given to first-time offenders. Without a qualified attorney by your side, you could face heavy fines and a restricted future.

Let's Fight to Protect Your Future

Learn the Laws in Northwest Indiana Including Lake, Porter, and LaPorte Counties

Attorney Alex Dominguez will stand up for your rights as a defendant in the Northwest Indiana region. For a second OWI offense, you could face:

  • License revocation for up to two years.

  • Up to 350 hours of community service.

  • Jail time.

  • Loss of gun permit

  • Mandatory alcohol treatment

If you receive a second OWI within 5 years of your first OWI that is considered a felony.

For a third OWI offense, you could face:

  • Felony status, if the offense occurs within five years of another conviction.

  • Extended license revocation.

  • Up to 350 hours of community service.

  • Mandatory alcohol treatment.

  • Imprisonment.

  • Loss of gun permit

If you receive 3 major offenses within 10 years then you could be considered a habitual offender.

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