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Prescription Drug Charges Attorney in Merrillville, Indiana

How to Fight a Prescription Drug Charge in Northwest Indiana

Turn to A Smart Drug Charge Lawyer

Prescription drug offenses are being prosecuted more vigorously than ever in Indiana. If you've been charged with a prescription drug or pill offense in the Northwest Indiana area, you can find the help you need at the Law Office of Alex Dominguez.

Attorney Alex Dominguez has a wealth of experience providing drug offense representation. He's a trusted drug charge attorney serving Merrillville, Lake County, Porter County, and LaPorte County residents. Get in touch with him now to start building your defense.

If You're Facing Drug Charges

Look No Further for Drug Offense Representation

As an experienced drug charge lawyer, Alex Dominguez has the skills needed to take on a variety of cases. Hire him as your drug charge attorney if you've been charged with:

  • Prescription drug trafficking

  • Sale of prescription drugs

  • Possession of a controlled substance without a prescription

  • Manufacturing of prescription drugs

A knowledgeable drug charge lawyer in Northwest Indiana can work toward minimizing your charges or the consequences of a conviction. Call right away to discuss your case with attorney Dominguez.