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Cocaine Charges Attorney in Merrillville, Indiana

Are You Facing a Cocaine Charge in Northwest Indiana?

You Need a Criminal Defense Attorney ASAP

Being arrested for cocaine possession in Northwest Indiana puts you at risk for serious consequences. You'll need a talented lawyer to fight for your rights. Trust your case to the Law Office of Alex Dominguez. We've represented clients who have had their sentences reduced and helped them avoid hefty fines in Northwest Indiana. If you're charged with any cocaine-related crime, you're likely facing:

  • Jail time

  • Fines

  • A mandatory abuse treatment program

Let attorney Dominguez help you get your life back on track. Call today to schedule a consultation at our Merrillville, IN office.

Capable Legal Counsel

Don't Let a Drug Possession Charge Follow You Around for The Rest of Your Life

Not all cocaine charges are the same. Some involve heftier fines and longer sentences than others. Rest assured, attorney Dominguez will help fight for your rights no matter what type of cocaine offense you're charged with. Attorney Dominguez represents clients charged with:

  • Cocaine trafficking

  • Cocaine possession

  • Cocaine distribution

  • Cocaine drug paraphernalia

Reach out to our law office in Merrillville, IN to learn more about the penalties you could face in Indiana.