Frequently Asked Questions

What are the most common offenses when dealing with drug charges?

Answer: Drug dealing, possession and manufacturing charges are the most common drug charges in Indiana. Indiana breaks each category down based on the severity of the drug. These categories are also known as “Schedules”. There are 5 different schedules that rank the most severe drugs to the least severe based on the potential for abuse and addiction.

What is the punishment for possession or sale of drug precursors?

Answer: This drug charge would be considered a felony offense. The class of this particular felony would vary depending on the amount in possession, where the act took place, if there were any weapons involved at the time of the possession etc.

How do you get charged with possession of Marijuana?

Answer: In the state of Indiana, a person can be charged for a marijuana related offense by doing one of the following:

• Growing Marijuana
• Knowing someone growing Marijuana and not disclosing that information
• Knowingly possessing the drug with or without intent

Punishment can vary between a misdemeanor and a felony based on the amount of Marijuana in possession.

Can I be charged with possession by delivering the substance?

Answer: Short answer is Yes. Whether you deliver cocaine, marijuana, methamphetamine or a type of controlled substance, if you knowingly deliver it. Based on the Schedule of a drug, punishment may very between a misdemeanor and a felony. The amount being delivered can also be an indicator on the severity of the charge.